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Fintech, Open Banking & Innovation

Torbjörn Ericsson

I am a person who embraces change that involves people and technology in all forms.

I have been working in both small and large complex organisations. In many cases my role has been to build, re-organise or bring order.

I have a broad product experience from the financial industry with deep knowledge of Securities and Payments. I have been chairman in both the Swedish and Nordic Securities Dealers organisations and lately CEO at the only automated clearing house in Sweden, Bankgirot.

My leadership is open, based on trust, teamwork and delivery. I have over the years learned how to build well functioning performing management teams.

The automation brought to us by Information Technology has now become digitilisation. The technology is no longer only helping us to automate processes. It is changing business models, organisations and customer behaviour.

It is becoming increasingly important to deliver change, A failed delivery can put the entire organisation in jeopardy.

Let me help you to manage change as your:


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